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'Drive-Thru' (Self-Love Tips for the Highly Sensitive Parent)

Yesterday, I asked on my Instagram Stories if my readers knew some drive-thru food outlets available in our region aside from McDonald’s (the only one I frequent to). I am grateful for all the answers and the ‘drive-thru’ I ended up at instead.

I didn’t actually need a burger or a pack of fries that noon. I needed an outlet for my emotions. Yesterday was one of those days when I was overwhelmed as a mother. As a highly-sensitive person (HSP), I struggle some days with parenthood, getting myself drenched in the rain of overstimulation. But I do believe it’s normal to have some of these ‘rainy’ days regardless of whether we are HSPs or otherwise. More so, under the lockdown. I believe our lives are beautifully equipped with both the ups and the downs for us to learn from. In fact, I think the downs are pretty essential for us to then appreciate the ups, and for us to acquire the skills needed to go through life’s challenges.

I initially thought a quick drive-thru for some fries which I could conveniently pass to my children to leave me alone would solve all of yesterday’s problems. Instead, I parked my car in front of this serene view of the skies and the trees, cried away, texted with a friend, gathered my thoughts & returned back understanding what I needed.

I used to be both ashamed and scared of moments like this. I tend to get destructive thought patterns each time I’m overwhelmed.

But I realize it’s a beautiful thing that I now am aware of it. It is beautiful and essential to have moments to ourselves where we gather our thoughts, and then most importantly to ACKNOWLEDGE, ACCEPT AND THEN LET GO of our feelings. These are the fundamentals of the healing process. We need to allow ourselves to feel our emotions, and not ignore or suppress them, regardless of how painful they are. And it is through this process that we gradually learn to understand what we need, which we then can take action on.

And this is the “DRIVE-THRU” needed in the practice of self-love. I don’t have a pack of fries with me now, but I have a renewed energy in taking on the day, alhamdulillah, which I believe is much healthier & less salty.

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