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March 26, 2020

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March 21, 2020

 Here’s to discovering a new favourite corner of our home,

here’s to discovering the favourite corners of the sunlight,

here’s to discovering a song to dance to in the living room,

here’s to discovering different ways to make coffee,

here’s to discovering the right music 

accompanying the rhythm of our hands 

as they whisk a trending coffee mixture,

here’s to an added step on a skin care routine,

here’s to discovering a daily routine that works,

here’s to discovering a daily routine that doesn’t,

here’s to discovering the different hours the kids need the same favourite snack,

here’s to discovering the hours they don’t - which is almost never,

here’s to discovering that these stairs could double as a gym equipment,

here’s to discovering the smiles carved across our faces as we hear back from our parents on our cellphones,

here’s to discovering the favourite colours we’d use 

in a drawing challenge on those same phones,

here’s to drawing rainbows on our windows 

in hope for better days,

here’s to hoping that these rainbows also catch the eyes

of the food delivery guys and the garbage collectors

and even the most vulnerable parts of our anxious hearts,

and more than ever,

here’s to discovering that being together

does not always mean sitting side by side;

being together

is us,

physically distanced,

but our hearts 

whispering kind prayers 

for each other.