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Stay Home and Write

How are you? We sure are living in confusing times now, and I have to admit, in between trying our best to hold on to hope and positivity, it sure can be overwhelming to consume bad news every other hour of the day. Here’s how I’m surviving for now: shifting all our toddler tables to the backyard so the kids and ourselves can get some fresh air during meal times and playtime. And, I write. Writing has always been an amazing therapy for me. I decided, to cope in between the consumption of anxiety-inducing news on a regular basis, I’d write a poem each day. I’ve set out prompts for every day of these coming two weeks, and will be posting my poems here. Above are the prompts which I've posted on my social media sites. You AND your kids are welcomed to join in! It doesn’t have to be a long or a deep poem. Just write ANYTHING consisting those words. A short poem, a funny poem, a story, a journal entry of your day, anything! Post it on your social media account & do tag me when you do! Also add the hashtag #StayHomeAndWrite. I’d love to read your words! Alternatively, you may write your poems in the comments' section below.

While we’re all socially distanced, I hope that doesn’t stop us from being together within the forces of love. Love, light, and hugs from a sanitized & socially acceptable distance. Stay well & let’s take care of each other.

P/S: I'm on @azaliasuhaimi at Instagram, @azaliasuhaimi on Twitter, and 'Azalia Suhaimi PhotoPoetry' on Facebook.

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