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A Birthday Poem for My Daughter

As the years go by, you will learn that the beautiful thing about growing up isn’t just the candles blown, but the way you light up into someone new, the way you’ll learn about the traits you never knew you had, the way they flicker not just in the dark, the way they continue to shimmer even with the years passing by.

And while you steady your hands to cut the pieces of your cake, you will find that your hands grow steadier with each passing year, and the slices grow a lot neater and more even, but the best and most important part is that you’ll learn that what truly matters isn’t in the evenness of your cake slices, but in the way that you’re thinking of all the people you’d like to serve, and the way you wouldn’t mind sharing your last slice with a person you love, you will learn that the most important thing is love.

And even best of all, you will soon learn that you won’t have to wait for us to sing you a birthday song to realize that you are our song. P/S: My eldest turned six a few days ago, and I am mighty proud of the way she doesn’t make a fuss about cancelling two things she’s been looking forward to so much due to the current Covid-19 pandemic - a McDonald’s birthday party supposedly to be held today, and our UK trip due next week.

She showed the biggest smile at our simple celebration at home on her actual birthday. You sure have grown, Orked, inside and outside. Alhamdulillah.

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