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March 18, 2020

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On Being A Woman (Part 2)

March 8, 2020

Sometimes maybe the best thing about being a woman
is the way you can hide your worries 
behind a facial mask
and the way you can label your bad days as
until you start wondering 
if maybe all these hiding
have made you
not heard enough -
when you raise your hands in class
but they aren’t always as high enough,
when you leave work an extra five minutes earlier to rush for your sick child
and you find in your appraisals that you just aren’t good enough,
when you stay a little longer for work instead
and miss the pick-up time for your child, catching a glimpse of her eyes as if they’re saying
that you‘re not here enough,
when you stay home all day with your child
wiping the same spills and you wonder if you’re doing enough,
when they say that your body isn’t small enough,
when your clothes never match enough.


But they will never match anyway
because you are one of a kind,
and your body will never be small enough
because it is home to a big heart
and a child you so amazingly bring to this world with all the power it possess,
and you didn’t just wipe spills - you also wipe tears
and that is life-changing,
and you were never late for a work meeting
and especially for your child,
you were just fixing your cape to do this super-heroic thing of constantly being at two places at one time,
and your hands may not seem as high when you raised them in class
but they are at the highest place 
each time they touch the hands of a loved one
and spread the power of kindness,
like you always do.


Sometimes maybe the best thing about being a woman
is the way you can hide your worries 
behind a facial mask,
but only if you remember 
to always take it off
and look at the woman in the mirror
and tell her
that she is


P/S: Happy International Women's Day to every woman reading this. Thank you for being you.

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