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The Home We'll Move To

A while back, I started this spring-cleaning mission in hope to declutter two things - my home and my mind. I gave away clothes we’ve forgotten we had, threw away Halloween chocolate wrappers collected six years ago for reasons I no longer remember, arranged my daughter’s toys in obsessively specific categories like ‘Disney Princesses’ and ‘Sea Transportation’, and went borderline OCD, among other things.

And somewhat naturally indeed, I gradually felt my mind finding utmost peace at this new form of orderliness around random nooks and crannies of our home (some, I shamefully just discovered). So much so, that I wanted to do more. What initially began with some basic rearranging of old furnitures soon became ambitious dreams of hardcore renovations. I found inexpressible satisfaction in planning this whole house transformation thing, that if I had all the strength in the world, I would have relished doing all the drilling myself.

By the grace of Allah SWT, at this exact switch from finding peace to becoming obsessive, we then discovered that we may possibly move in the months to come. At the knowledge of this, so easily, in an instant, my obsession towards transforming the house went away. “I might as well concentrate on planning beautiful things for our new home”, I thought.

Now, this moving thing is not the point of this story. It may or may not happen, who knows but Allah SWT. What I wanted to share here was the way my mind easily stopped becoming obsessive over our current home when I realized there’s another home I’ll move to that I can concentrate on.

On a larger scale, doesn’t that actually represent our current state? This dunya we live in now is our current home, temporarily. The Hereafter is where we’ll move to later, eternally.

If we always have that knowledge etched in our hearts, wouldn’t we stop becoming too attached or obsessive over things in this dunya, and work hard instead for a beautiful Home we’ll move to later?

“Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a wayfarer.” - Sahih Al-Bukhari

May we always be reminded of the beautiful Home we’re working towards to, inshaaAllah.


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