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An Action-Packed Movie

Living with young kids at times feels like you’re on a set of a three-star action-packed movie where your heart rate speeds all ways dangerously and you aren’t exactly sure if you’ll survive right up to the credits.

One minute you’re rushing to the pediatrician’s with a heaty sleeping child. The next, she becomes an overactive unicorn who plays hopscotch pretty much around the clock (the child, not the pediatrician). But that actually won’t last too long either because the very next minute you catch yourself crawling to the pediatrician’s room yet again, this time searching for answers for another child. And you find panicky tears streaming down your cheeks before the curtain rolls up to that scene with grinning skipping unicorns back again, where an almost-magical golden light randomly comes peeking through.

The joys and frustrations of living with these little beings can at times be overwhelming, sometimes you’re certain there’s background music accompanying your little moments together. And so is the love. Oh, the love for them is God-damn-overwhelming, alright.

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