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The 'Good' Behind The 'Bad'

I started a gratitude journal as a way to enter our Islamic New Year recently, and also in hope to regularly be reminded of the good that is ALWAYS behind everything, even on bad days.

Five pages down now, and I’m marveled by how each of them keeps repeating both of these girls’ names, and each for different reasons. That regardless of how my head hurts from all the noise they generously provide me each day, the girls still remain as the main characters in my gratitude journal anyway.

And maybe, figuratively, this works the same for every other aspect of our lives too. We could choose to concentrate on the throbbing headache in the heat of the moment, or we could reflect back at the end of the day of how we pulled through anyway. Of how we discovered our strength. Of how we found a cure different from the day before.

There is always some form of ‘good’ behind every ‘bad’. And occasionally, the ‘good’ will be good enough to be celebrated with cupcakes.

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