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The Daily (Mom) Life

I was browsing through the entries on the recent Instagram's Weekend Hashtag Project, #WHPdailylife when I found myself jaw-dropped in amazement at how fantasy-like everyone’s daily lives were.

Well here is mine. Nothing fancy. No flying babies nor floating glasses, unfortunately. Just us beginning our days unsure if we’d get our feet up or down. Just me stuttering through a whole minute and then screaming the next. Also me occasionally finding magenta-hued slime in between my toes. And then the kids giving me the heartiest laugh over things that don’t quite make sense. And that same laugh trying its best to stop me from succumbing to motherhood burnout or postnatal anxiety. And that same laugh too reminding me that it’s okay if I fall some days, because that very laugh (and some extra smiles) would still find their ways to my heart anyway.

Children; they are both our blessings and our tests. Alhamdulillah.

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