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The Beauty of Change

I’m not so good with distance, partings or any sort of change at all, for that matter.

But I’ve learned that when a certain change happens, it’s not the only thing that changes. If a certain change isn’t one that we fancy, something else also changes that develops us, enriches us or strengthens us somehow, someway.

Changing to a new school for example, may mean goodbyes and partings to familiar surroundings. But it also means discovery of new corners and favourite hideouts, the makings of new friendships, the discovery of that inner strength we never knew we had.

The loss of a loved one must be the hardest test of all. No words said here nor even those in the best self-help books will ever compare to what it really is like. But God willing, other beautiful changes seep through over time - our relationship with God, our dependency on Him, the discovery of all our loved ones who would always be there for us.

And then there are sicknesses, change of routines, moving to the next phase of life, job losses, and everything else in between. None too trivial as long as we embrace the other changes that occur along with them - the ones that develop, enrich and strengthen us.

I’m not so good with distance. But I sure embrace something else that changes - my love for you; it grows.

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