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Temporary Gifts

Photo captured in York, May 2017.

We mourn for the good things that end. Sometimes not realizing that they’re only wonderful reminders of how every single thing or person we are blessed with in this life are only temporary gifts from Allah.

The same goes for sufferings. Sufferings are temporary gifts we are blessed with to equip us with the strength we’ll need someday for some other circumstance only He knows of. To remind us of the strength we never knew we had. To remind us that it’s also okay to ask for help and that His help is always there. To remind us of the One who is always there for us. And let’s not forget the key word. Sufferings are temporary gifts. TEMPORARY.

The root to most of our feelings are usually attachments to these worldly gifts. We get attached to the worldly things that make us happy and then we get attached to the happiness they bring. And then we break apart when Allah takes them back (and He can, at any time, for reasons He knows best for us), later getting attached to the newfound sadness. Take a step back. Everything in this life is temporary. Focus only on The One. Renew our intentions of the things we do in this life to be for His sake. And inshaaAllah, we’ll be in good hands.

[Photo captured in York, May 2017.]

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