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His Graduation

There's something about graduations that leave you overwhelmed with emotions. This one's on top of the list for me. I got teary-eyed as I watched my husband walk down the stage yesterday, flashbacks of his hard work from the past two years sweeping me by. He has been an amazing husband and father, and that's a lot on its own. But he topped that up juggling between work and studies to provide the best for us.

I remember our first trip to the UK together when he was just starting his program. He was very determined. The journey then on hasn't been easy. Juggling all that while helping me parent a baby obviously wasn't an easy feat. But he stayed determined. I saw how he grew more passionate towards his studies.

And then there was yesterday. Alhamdulillah. Yesterday was so beautiful, it made me wish I could go back to my university days and be a better student.

I am so proud of you, sayang. You sure did amazing.

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