Maybe the grocery list

isn't just




Maybe if we read between the lines,

just maybe, we might find

the tired handwriting singing out loud -

"I want to bake you your favourite cake"

"or we could share this loaf from the bakery

and you can have the bigger slice"

"I love you."

I wrote this poem after going through a rough time following an accident last week, and then realizing how beautiful the healing process was, to hear and be reminded of Allah SWT even more.

May we always be reminded. Ameen.


Maybe bad things happen

replacing the great

so we can hear His name often.

Like in the countless times we cry "O Allah"

in between the tears in our prayers,

and the countless ways our loved ones mention His name

in their well wishes for us.

Maybe ' bad' things happen

not exactly to replace the great.

But to bring us closer

to The Great

(Al Kabeer).

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