Today's writing prompt is "Phone Call" and since it's World Poetry Day today, I decided to record myself reciting the poem I wrote. This piece is a tribute to everyone battling Covid-19 in any way at all - the frontiners, the patients and families of patients, the ones facing tough times financially, the ones facing tough times emotionally, the ones who are separated by your loved ones, and simply everyone. This is for us.

I hope this reaches your heart. Happy World Poetry Day and stay safe. :)

They say that

the doors we are presented with in life

are the first checkpoints to tiers of lessons

we’ll need to survive,

and it’s funny how I’ve started feeling the same way

with the refrigerator door -

the way I no longer swing it open

for the cold bowl of grapes I thought I needed,

but for the carton of milk

I’d pour into my children’s bowl of cereal,

before I stumble upon the bottle

of my mother’s favourite fruit juice

and I’d wonder when

I’d get to share it with her again -

the longing hurts, I wish I could store that hurt

and all my other worries

into the coldest part of this refrigerator

hoping they’d freeze over,

but instead,

I shall pour myself a refreshing bottle

of life lessons.

I guess

in between all these uncertainties,

the headlines we dread,

the despair in the comments,

the confusion these things bring,

I guess in between all of these,

I am grateful

that we are home,

I am grateful

to have my daughter's smile

as my only piece of good news for the day,

I am grateful

that we will all be a part

of saving somebody's life

and the way how

when all of this ends,

the earth too

will finally feel at


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