Extra-Large Emotions

Sometimes I scare myself over how much I am able to feel within a day. I would wonder if these mood swings are symptoms of something bigger, or if it’s simply parenthood flipping pages of a book I have never read before - that the emotions I am going to deal with for the rest of my life now since having children only come in the next size after Extra Large, and sometimes a little more. But I am glad that the happy picture-perfect moments don’t last. I am glad they come in short bursts before other emotions come barging in, and then again. I am grateful for the (many) instances parenthood offers me the opportunity to also feel sad or angry, because that is when I am also offered the opportuni

Lit Up

Sometimes we leave the lights switched off a little too comfortably, with the trust that our dreams shine brighter. Because that what’s love does; It trusts.


You never quite got my odd fascination for pockets. But I have this way of storing music in imaginary hard drives that I keep in the pockets at the sides of my bags, at the back of my pants, and somewhere in between the creases of my shirt. So on days when things seem a little too much, and a little more than all my pockets could bear, I will have an orchestra ready to bring me back to places that make me smile. Like that guitar strum from when you asked me out, that Cream record we hummed together subconsciously, the playlist from our first road trip. You probably don’t hear much from me on a rainy day, and I’m almost always never equipped with rain boots and slogan-filled umbrellas to prot

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