The Power of the Heart

It’s easy to eventually bore ourselves into the monotony of ‘everyday’. But not if we pause every now and then, and use all of our hearts to breathe in those ‘everyday’ moments. With the help of the heart, we could turn ordinary moments into extraordinary bedtime stories that won't put us to bed. That’s how capable the heart is. It sees what our eyes can’t, it hears what our ears can’t. Use it.

The 'Good' Behind The 'Bad'

I started a gratitude journal as a way to enter our Islamic New Year recently, and also in hope to regularly be reminded of the good that is ALWAYS behind everything, even on bad days. Five pages down now, and I’m marveled by how each of them keeps repeating both of these girls’ names, and each for different reasons. That regardless of how my head hurts from all the noise they generously provide me each day, the girls still remain as the main characters in my gratitude journal anyway. And maybe, figuratively, this works the same for every other aspect of our lives too. We could choose to concentrate on the throbbing headache in the heat of the moment, or we could reflect back at the end of t

The Daily (Mom) Life

I was browsing through the entries on the recent Instagram's Weekend Hashtag Project, #WHPdailylife when I found myself jaw-dropped in amazement at how fantasy-like everyone’s daily lives were. Well here is mine. Nothing fancy. No flying babies nor floating glasses, unfortunately. Just us beginning our days unsure if we’d get our feet up or down. Just me stuttering through a whole minute and then screaming the next. Also me occasionally finding magenta-hued slime in between my toes. And then the kids giving me the heartiest laugh over things that don’t quite make sense. And that same laugh trying its best to stop me from succumbing to motherhood burnout or postnatal anxiety. And that same la

His Reminders

Isn’t it amazing that regardless of how many times we forget, fall and regrettably go astray (me at least 😔), Allah SWT still reaches out to us in very unexpected ways and sends us reminders? I woke up this morning first thing grabbing my phone and shamefully allowing myself to get lost in the realm of social media when what I should be doing first and foremost is to perform wudu and my fajr prayers. And then I came upon two posts by two different friends that hit me straight in the heart and at the same time reminded me of Allah so wonderfully (may Allah SWT bless them both). It was easy to continue to get lost and be late for my prayers this morning. The same way it is easy to get lost, d

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