An Ode to Motherhood: Gibberish

You talk gibberish, and you laugh hard. I talk gibberish, from being worn out. I wear myself out teaching you things and telling you what to do, realizing there is much more I am learning from you.

The Wisdom in 'Everyday'

In between our busy schedules and the constant need to run around, it’s easy to miss out the wisdom behind ‘everyday’ moments tapping on our shoulders waiting to be heard. Like running between the two kids, in my case. And how at the same time, Allah SWT is showing me that love is constantly all around us, to accompany our days, good or bad. That even the heart of a four-year-old could hold the largest love for her sister that I could probably learn from. Nothing happens by coincidence. There is wisdom behind every single thing in our lives, amazingly planned by Allah SWT. May we always open our eyes to see them. Ameen.

Your Father's Love

Dear Orked and Dahlia, If I could write a manual of all the things I would love to teach you, I wouldn’t. Because there probably won’t be enough pages, and I am not here to teach you. I am here to learn (and every now and then falter) together with you. And sitting high on top of the list of things I’m entirely grateful to learn together with you would be your father’s love. I hope you’ll grow up knowing just how much your Dada has been doing to put your happiness first. And I hope you’ll grow up with this perpetual sense of gratitude towards him and all the wonderful things he has done for us. You know how they say that learning never ends? Well, at the rate of all the new ways your Dada lo

The Doors of Challenges (and Blessings)

Back when I was pregnant, I imagined journeying towards becoming a family of four as something as straightforward as that - growing bigger. Like going on a straight path towards a dream destination we had never been before but had been so excited for. Perhaps the destination had a big giant door brimmed with fancy lights just waiting to greet us, I thought. We are here now and I can’t be more grateful. It IS something bigger, lighted up so fancily indeed. Only thing is, it wasn’t a big giant door that greeted us. There were many little doors I wasn’t expecting and didn’t have the keys for, but all filled with great lessons to equip us for this big fancy thing. Lessons like discovering just h

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