The Itinerary He Made

I notice this pattern that the more I meticulously plan to achieve a very specific goal or to avoid a very specific bump in my journey ahead, the more likely I’d be greeted with an entirely opposite outcome. And I have learned too that this isn’t something bad at all. In fact, it is beautiful. The few times my husband had to be out of town for work or his studies had shown great examples of the said pattern. Like that week when school was out. I worried excessively over the possibility of ever making it through the days with a high-spirited four-year-old by myself while occasionally battling bouts of pregnancy fatigue. But it was going to be fine, I later told myself. Because I had diligentl

The School We're Blessed With

In and out our short-lived joys, the happy tears, the times we cannot put away our smiles, the relentless heartbreaks, the minute we thought we had enough, the second we wanted more, the mistakes we wish we'd forget, the moments we are healed and every wondrous lesson in between, we really have been given such a beautiful place to learn. Breathe. P/S - Ramadan Kareem, everyone.

The 'Beauty' of Motherhood

I remember earlier in the days of entering motherhood, I felt hints of anger seeping through me at the realization that I was ‘lied’ to. Everyone kept talking or filling up their social media captions with things like “Motherhood is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me”, “Being a mother is so beautiful”, “Can’t stop staring at my angel” and the like. I had a romanticized view of motherhood, and imagined rainbows and butterflies at every mention of the word “beautiful”. But no one talked about how painful it was to be sleep-deprived, feeling disabled from perineal tears, or the strength of a colicky baby. “How would any of these be beautiful?” I wondered. And then months

We Are Each Other's Teachers

There’s this ‘mamak’ restaurant I would frequent to by myself at about the same time every other day, sitting at the same favourite quiet corner, ordering the same items from the menu I know by heart, and reading a favourite book. It's the one hour that I revel in the alone time I frequently fight for and am constantly grateful for. It's the one hour that I get to blissfully stay lost deep in the pages of my favourite book. A few days ago, when I was done with that favourite hour and digging through the compartments of my bag at the cashier counter, the ‘mamak’ waitstaff randomly asked me, “Kak, you teacher kah? (Sister, are you a teacher?)” The question took me by surprise. He was, ind

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