Everyday Lessons on Emotions

If I had a superpower, it is the ability to unhealthily dwell over a certain emotion that only wanted to drop a quick visit to my heart. Be it happiness, sadness, or anger, I would feel and think deeply over it for an unnecessarily long period of time. It is something I have been battling with for quite a while, which in turn have had me searching for ways to train myself to be a bit more calm, moderate & relaxed. I have read multiple self-help books, attended talks, signed up for webinars on related topics, but I guess it is something that I will continuously learn throughout my lifetime. I may grasp some useful lessons for a while, and then I’d have to remind myself again three weeks later

A Letter for Tok

I’m still out of words over the very idea that you’re not here with us anymore. Probably the same way I was never really big with words in our conversations and in our own peculiar ways of expressing our love. You had an admirable, dominant tone in your voice. Our family gatherings weren’t complete without you. I secretly admired the way everyone showed respect towards you. You made me giggle - all the time. You were generous. No, you were extremely, massively generous. You played a huge part in every big event of our lives. I remember when I was in my third year in Sydney, the doctor told me I had anemia, you called asking me to find and eat spaghetti bolognese because it was my favourite a

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