These Are All Lessons

I miss Ramadan. I miss how the month was peaceful and I was able to concentrate solely on trying to get closer to Allah SWT. And then I realize that I am now in the first ten days of Dzul Hijjah, and it is a beautiful time to work on getting even closer to Allah SWT. Only I haven't been working hard enough. Back in Ramadan, I put a break to my jobs in an effort to 'concentrate'. Something like a spiritual retreat, and I fell in love with the peacefulness a bit too much. I had the opportunity to learn and read all the spiritual books I had always wanted to read, and boy, did it fill my introverted soul with joy. The 'perfect learning moment' in my head had always been one filled with silence

Finding Peace in My Journey

While being on my partial social media detox, I have had the opportunity to reflect upon the things that I do. I'm not sure if this makes sense to anyone, but for me at least, I love being able to reflect instead of just doing things without realizing the time that goes by and being in a rush. I don't want to just do. I want to understand what I do, value each of them, and learn throughout it all. I don't want to just do - I want to feel them. I remember a while ago when I was on the verge of leaving a corporate job, I was all hyped up about being this busy business lady. While I am still very much learning now and always will be, and will never ever actually be 'right', I am just thinking -

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