Of Aging Loved Ones & Little Celebrations

I felt a tinge of melancholy as I watched my aging grandfather finding comfort in simple routines like walking out to a favourite spot by the garden and in again to a nearby seat. Maybe I was mourning for his younger years. And then I watched my toddler's hand reaching out to his, and their eyes speaking out to each other. And I realized that a child and an elderly have something very much in common. They celebrate the simple joys and the in-betweens, in their own quirky ways. We naturally celebrate new lives - a newborn child, a new job, a new school, new beginnings. Let's not forget to celebrate the aging ones too, the ones who have been there for us. I hope everyone is celebrating E

Ramadan 1438 - My First Time Searching for Laylatul Qadr

I remember most of my previous Ramadan being filled with anxiety. How will I be able to survive this day? How will I be able to complete this work while fasting? Can I take care of a baby if I fast? The anxiety-induced thoughts went on. And when Ramadan ended, I heaved a secret sigh of relief. No more hunger, I thought. And I wondered how it felt when I read of people's expression of sadness to see Ramadan go. But Allah is Kind and All-Knowing. He teaches us lessons in all their right times in ways He knows best for us. I begged to understand the meaning of Ramadan more and more each year, and alhamdulillah, this year, albeit still with tinges of anxiety in between some of my chores, I also

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