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Hi, I'm Azalia Suhaimi.

I'm a poet, artist, storyteller & a self-published author helping us mamas remember we're doing a great job.

This was unlike me years ago. I remember struggling with anxiety & negative self-talk particularly in those early months of motherhood.


But, I also remember the beauty of healing

A lot of the healing from my postpartum mental struggles can be attributed to SELF-CARE. So I hope to share this journey of self-care with you, too. :)

Because I understand that this season of mothering little ones can be overwhelming, cold and rainy some days. 


But trust me, this season can be so much more bearable if we share an umbrella. In fact, with some self-care, we may just end up dancing in the rain together. :)

So come join me, and...

FEEL MORE EMPOWERED in your journey of new motherhood, and discover doable self-care hacks we can easily apply in our day-to-day as busy mothers!

Because you are amazing, mama. And you deserve amazing things. 


On this site, you will find comforting reminders in the form of poetic words, art, visuals and videos, reassuring you that you are doing great as a mother. Because you really are!

Yes, even on those hard, messy days of motherhood. You know, those days we feel like we have not achieved much, those moments we hide in the bathroom crying, those mornings we wake up feeling like we just couldn't 'mum' that day?

If you've felt any of these, or if you've struggled with conflicting feelings towards the realities of motherhood, please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Motherhood is hard (and HEART) work. And us mothers are beautifully imperfect human beings blessed with complex emotions. We aren't robots and we aren't meant to enjoy EVERY single moment of motherhood.

And it's okay.


On this site, you will feel validated through all those feelings you struggle with in early motherhood.

And we will discover fun, simple, realistic ways to achieve SELF-CARE as mothers. I will share specifically the things that have helped me through my journey of healing... so we can be happier mamas together. :)


Yes, I place a lot of importance on taking care of ourselves as mothers, because indeed, self-care was the missing ingredient I discovered that gradually made me a happier mama and helped me feel more supported to perform this ibadah of raising righteous children, God willing.

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I feel so strongly for the cause of maternal mental health, having experienced the postpartum blues myself. So as a way of giving back to the community, I am using my art and words to accompany you on this beautifully challenging journey.

Among my goals in life is to raise righteous children, and to make use of my passion in literature and art to benefit others. I can't think of a better way than to create art and poetic words from the lessons I learn in parenthood. Because these can always serve as lifelong reminders for myself (I often need them) and hopefully, inshaaAllah, for you too.

May Allah SWT ease our parenting journey, may the things we learn be filled with barakah, may we always be reminded that all our efforts here are for the sake of Allah SWT. Ameen.

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A little bit more about me (if you're curious).

My passion in literature and the arts have been around since pretty much forever. One of my motivations to go to school each day during my teenage years was the English Literature class.


For job security purposes though, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in accountancy instead after high school. But passion often prevails. Many years later, I ended up pursuing my passion by completing a Diploma in English Literature at the University of Cambridge. This journey of passion doesn't stop here, I'm sure. I definitely hope to continue learning in the fields of literature and creative writing.

Currently, I am undertaking the Diploma in Islamic Studies at Arees University, in my quest to be on the right path and inshaaAllah a better muslimah

I hope to find the right balance between my passions, and to make use of them for the right purposes or by benefitting others, all for the sake of Allah SWT.

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Given my passion in telling stories through my works of poetic words and art, and also the fact that I'm a mother to young children, naturally my next goal is to produce POETIC PICTURE BOOKS FOR CHILDREN.

I'm currently working on them by the way. And if you're an agent or a publisher in the Children's Literature industry, I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. :)

How To Reach Me?

Aside from underneath the bed with a favourite bar of chocolate, you can also find me here:

And I was kidding by the way. I don't eat chocolates under the bed. I just lock the room to be all by myself for at least ten minutes when my kids are safe in another room. In other words, setting boundaries - a form of self-care. :)