Hi, I'm Azalia.

I'm a storyteller and a graduate from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

I hope to touch your heart through my poetic words and to help you tell YOUR stories too.


This website was named 'Azalia Suhaimi PhotoPoetry' mainly for sentimental reasons. Aeons ago, back when I was discovering myself during those sorely-missed university days, I also discovered my love for telling stories through combinations of various medium. At that point, they were photography and poetry. And I was therefore, a 'photopoet'.

Over the years, I have discovered that what I really am and what I always have been is a storyteller. :)


Poetry must have been my first love. I never stopped writing poetry since childhood, so much so that I couldn't leave high school without first bagging The Best English Literature Student Award. 

Poetry is how I tell my story.


I am currently working on poetry picture books for children and also collections of poetry for mothers.


As a mother to two little ones, my passion for literature naturally includes children's literature. My dream is to spread the love of reading to our children through the power of words. While crafting poetry picture books, I also make read-aloud videos to entertain your children, telling stories from some of the best in the children's literature industry.


In between writing and telling stories for children, I get drenched in rainy days through the chaotic season of mothering toddlers. But through my writing and storytelling skills as well, I have discovered the magic in connecting with fellow mothers through honest, heartfelt, poetic words. My words are regularly shared on social media and on my mailing list with the hope to empower fellow mothers.


When you sign up on my mailing list, you'll receive love letters in the form of dreamy poetry and moving essays about motherhood, self care and life lessons in general. 


My poetic writings are usually coupled with dreamy photographs that hope to leave you smiling. You can expect some natural-light photography and documentary photography, but I guess what I really do with my camera is again, storytelling.

I therefore do also provide photography services, specializing in outdoor natural-light photography of babies, kids and families. When you hire me as a photographer, you will not only get photographs. You will see your stories being told through them.


As a passionate storyteller, I aspire to touch your heart through my stories and to help you tell YOUR stories too.


You may get a dose of my poetic stories through my love letters, blog, videos or social media sites.

You may also hire me to help you tell your stories through any of these services:

  • Poetry Writing

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Blog Content Creation 

  • Article Write-Ups

  • Photography

  • Storytime for Children

My writing niches include motherhood, self-care, mental health and children's literature.  

You may have a look at my portfolio on this site or straight away contact me to get further details. My mailbox is always open to new possibilities. :)

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