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Hi, I'm Azalia.

If I was a superhero, I must be Captain Sensitive. 

But I guess, professionally, I am a POET, STORYTELLER & CONTENT CREATOR focusing on the following niches:

  • motherhood

  • self-care

  • productivity

If you are a mother struggling to go through the day wondering if you're mothering enough in between being overstimulated by your children's demands, please know that


I also hope that you may find some comfort through my poetic words and stories.


As a highly sensitive person and a mother to young children, I know what it's like being drenched in overstimulation through the chaotic rainy season of mothering toddlers. But I believe it will be so much more fun if we share an umbrella, or if we dance in the rain...TOGETHER. :)

A Bit More About Me

Aside from connecting with you and having warm virtual heart-to-heart talks on motherhood, I'd also be delighted to

work with you

If you are a small business or a publication that focuses on the above-mentioned niches, I'd be happy to create content for you.

I currently create content for several brands through these skills:

  • writing

  • photography

  • videography

  • editing

I am currently also an English Literature student at the University of Cambridge, alongside working on two books - a poetic picture book for children and a book on self-care for mothers. 


Places To Find Me

Aside from underneath the bed with a favourite bar of chocolate, you can also find me here:

And I was kidding by the way. I don't eat chocolates under the bed. I just lock the room to be all by myself for at least ten minutes when my kids are safe in another room. In other words, setting boundaries - a very important skill for a highly-sensitive parent. :)